More Spiders!

We’ve got 4 new spiders for Anjelique, Hillside Beach ClubKenan Doğulu and Midtown from last night’s Golden Spider Web Awards. Thanks to all iGOAns!

Will Miss You…

Rest in peace great actor… We will miss you…

Tuncel Kurtiz

Love to Win!

We got 4 awards from Crystal Apple! Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Goa way to find peace of mind!

We are happy to have the chance to work in the heart of the green with our lovely friends Tobi and Tarzan! And lucky to have this excellent motivation :) By the way thanks to Duran  for this calming share…

Gezi Park Jongleurs

As you all know there is a protest going on in all over the Turkey which started in Gezi Park in Taksim, to prevent cutting trees and building an shopping mall on that park.

Yesterday me and my friends were there, not as a developer this time, as a performer and a juggler to show people colors, fun and peace…

from press:

and so on…

Happy birthday to us!

We wish many happy returns with new beginnings.

iGOAns hit the road

And the new record belongs to Dhiraj, Pınar, Enis and Duran.. We had a long bike trip almost 400 kilometers from Goa to Karnataka last weekend. On the way, we saw that sign explains the difficult part of riding under the sun “start early, drive slowly, reach safely” and we accepted it :)