Goa office is under attack by unidentified flying objects.

Goa Calling!

Welcome from Ari! The smallest iGOAns ever!

Sunset in Anjuna

Just a view from Anjuna beach. (Below our office).
November, 2013

We are Hiring: Web Developer

We are looking for a qualified web developer for our award wining agency. Job is in Istanbul office.

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Excellent knowledge on PHP,
  • Excellent knowledge on HTML & Css,
  • Familiar with Html5 Css3,
  • Developed at least one plugin for one of the popular frameworks (mootols, prototype, jquery),
  • Excellent knowledge on Javascript (not framework, native javascript),
  • Experience with one of source version systems such as SVN, Github, Sourcesafe etc. is a must,
  • Experience with social media api’s (FB, twitter) is a must, 4sq is a plus,
  • Knows indent, outdent, why to use? How to logically name a variable,
  • One of MVC based frameworks for php is a must, Zend is preferred.
  • Excellent knowledge on Ajax, Json and Jsonp data,
  • OpenData knowledge is a huge plus,
  • Mobile application development is a huge plus,
  • Minimum 5 years of web development experience

Apply to: LinkedIn or work@igoa.in

Windsurfing breaks instead of smoking breaks

I’ve visited my big brother (in the picture:) at Çanakkale and he is running a Windsurfing school there. Place was wonderful surrended by nature but my most interesting experience was working from there. This was my first time working from out of city and in the nature so at the begining i’ve found it strange and curious than i’ve adjusted it really fast. At the second day i was literally giving windsurfing breaks instead of smoking breaks. I hope everyone lives alike experience one day (:

Happy Feast of Sacrifice!

Enjoy the holiday with your loved ones!

Click here for more information about Sacrifice Feast.

An ordinary morning in Goa

While you are going to somewhere in the morning, stop the bike for a while and listen these perfect sounds. You don’t need to do something more in an ordinary Goa morning! It is a meditation by itself.