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New York Festivals

The New York Festivals International Advertising Awards now in its 55th year of honoring the World’s Best Advertising announced its 2012 award winners at the award ceremony in the beautiful Celeste Bartos room of the New York Public Library. As a juror, we were there and applauded all the winners on the stages from all around the worlds.

Click here to see the winners’ showcase

Eating GOA

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Yoga at Istanbul Office

Yoga in the morning becomes a daily routine of our Istanbul Office. Every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 8.30 – 9.30 we are practising Yoga with our lovely yoga master Nihan. We have enough place for 2 more ppl, if you are interested, call us.

Green Green Goa

It’s raining heavily and the nature has just gone crazy. The plants find their way to flourish everywhere, even on stone garden walls.


It’s tomorrow. Nagapanchami is a festival dedicated to the snake-God. Tthe word ‘Nagapanchami’ comes from ‘Naga’ for snake and ‘panchami’ for 5th since it is celebrated on the 5th day of the dark half of the lunar month. This snake idols on the photo were prepared by Shailesh and given us as a gift to protect us.

Happy Nagapanchami!

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