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Happy Birthday Mustafa a.k.a. artuc

In December 29th, we celebrated Mustafa’s birthday in Eskişehir. In morning I went to Eskişehir (for Mustafa new city) and I did a good morning surprise :) His birthday gift a multi-channel helicopter to fly us when he missed. He liked it so much.

Then we play Tekken for Russian Vodka shot sponsored by iGOA. Yes, Mustafa is a good Tekken player and yes Russian Vodka’s very delicious %-) The night ended with the world’s best drink, Rakı, alaturca music and good friends.

We wish Mustafa will be happy in the new age.

Working in a Beautiful Day

“Once upon a time, there was an agency that employee can work anywhere with short and thong slippers near the pool or ocean. Far from stupid corporate rules and bureaucracy…”

No no no, this is not just a nice story, but truth itself. If you were told me three years ago, probably I blame you for unrealistic. Happily, I’m working in this dream about 2 years. I lived in Goa for a month this year in February. I swam in Indian Ocean, rode motorbike between rice plantations freely and met different people.

Actually, the starting point of this post is last week :)

We were in Ören/Balıkesir as a developer team last week. We wrote too much code, swam several meters, play many water games and refreshed our brains.

In summary, life is beautiful when “I go anywhere”.

Colorful Visitors

This morning I woke up to sounds coming from the roof. I thought monkeys play with each other. Guess what I saw when I  go out to the balcony, two peafowls (Peacock and Peahen).

India is really incredible and very colorful.

Happy Birthday Sertaç

We celebrated the birthday of Sertaç in Thalassa Greek Taverna yesterday. It was a magical night with Turkish melodies and Turkish Rakı.

The best drummer, guitarist and signer Cabbar Baba, who we met in Arambol Jam Session last week, joined us with his friends with their great melodies of Turkish, Greek, Jewish and Russian songs.

We had a great time with all of the people.

Also, we celebrated last year in Galata Meyhanesi (İstanbul) it was so good too.

Happy birthday Sertaç. So how old are you? 19?

Istanbul Toy Museum

On Sunday, I followed my dreams and I found myself in fairytale land. All part of me was covered on toys. Because I went to Istanbul Toys Museum founded by Sunay Akın in 2005.

Design of the museum is also very great. The toys were organized carefully and every room of museum has its own concept and music. Although I do not like the war, I like lead soldiers and World War II era toys after that I saw them there.

If you want to spend a good time and return to your childhood, you should visit to Istanbul Toy Museum.

It is in Göztepe/Kadıköy.