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An ordinary morning in Goa

While you are going to somewhere in the morning, stop the bike for a while and listen these perfect sounds. You don’t need to do something more in an ordinary Goa morning! It is a meditation by itself.

iGOAns hit the road

And the new record belongs to Dhiraj, Pınar, Enis and Duran.. We had a long bike trip almost 400 kilometers from Goa to Karnataka last weekend. On the way, we saw that sign explains the difficult part of riding under the sun “start early, drive slowly, reach safely” and we accepted it :)

Making decision about the huge conflicts :)

As Mustafa mentioned before, we are solving our conflicts about the projects in that way.. What if the problem is bigger than all problems before, what if you have to make a decision about who will sleep in double bed and who will sleep in the sofa.. It was a huge decision to make and Roshambo wouldn’t solve our problem, so we decided to make a tennis duel for the double bed..

P.S : Of course I won :)