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Gezi Park Jongleurs

As you all know there is a protest going on in all over the Turkey which started in Gezi Park in Taksim, to prevent cutting trees and building an shopping mall on that park.

Yesterday me and my friends were there, not as a developer this time, as a performer and a juggler to show people colors, fun and peace…

from press:

and so on…

24. Crystal Apple Awards 2012

Crystal Apple Awards Ceremony took place in Suada yesterday with an amazing view of Bosphorus. We were proud of receiving the award on the stage again!

Childhood Memories

I saw these tiny smurfs in an antique toy shop in London last weekend. I was suddenly rushed into my beautiful childhood memories. If you’re born in around 80’s, I’m sure that you’ll feel the same. By the way, if you’re interested in antiques and have a chance to visit London some time, Portobello street market is the most famous place which you can visit every saturday in Nothing Hill.

Meet Me At The Paradise

Last weekend we’ve discovered Palolem at south of Goa. And enjoyed our stay of two days so much. Now we’re sure that there is a paradise!

Sorry, how is the weather in Istanbul? :)

Cankat Was Born…

Surprising birthday celebration is going to be a legend for iGOAns. Last Friday was our Sr. Art Director Cankat’s birthday who lives in Eskişehir – our ‘eGOA’ branch :) More

Happy Birthday Irfan :)

We found an extraordinary way to say happy birthday to İrfan and we decided to shoot a video for him. We had so much fun while doing it and it will be a nice memory for all of us. It’s is something like everyone wants to have one :) Don’t pass without watching it!

iGOAns: Create the best life you can!

We’re the local agency of the week at the “Cut Magazine”! Click here for having a close up to our “i go anywhere” philosophy :)