Developers… Developers… Developers…

2012 started with Duran’s joining to our development team. A new blood with an unlimited energy and a great sense of humor made us to code faster, better, less buggy and lot’s of laugh. We’ve arranged great birthdays, vacations, dinners and events. We’ve lost our dearest ones but whenever we check, our team was right next to us for support and patience.

We’ve found a great way to solve our conflicts. We’ve figured out that Facebook api will never work perfect and it’s no matter how many times you check, project managers will find a bug in your code while they test.

We learned that, if you advertise enough your app will have 1000 concurrent connections and it will work fine if you use cache. As a team, we worked in different cafe’s, cities, pools, seas and countries together or alone.We got drunk together, danced, sang songs, ate and played games.

In 2012, we’ve learned much from each other. The best thing i’ve learned was: the personality is much more important than the knowledge. If you believe in your team there is no project or revision that can’t be done.

We were great in 2011. We were better and greater in 2012.
And i have a feeling that we will be awesome in 2013.

artuc – on behalf of iGOA Development Team.

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