Back to the childhood

When i was 12 years old we were living in Bilecik / Sogut for 3 years and after 18 years, i finally had a chance to visit back. The weather was rainy and on our way back to Eskisehir it was impossible to see 2 meters away because of the fog. Luckily we had a great driver and found our way soon.

Sogut is the place which gave birth to Ottoman Empire and had a great history behind. Every year there is a festival to Commemorate of Ertugrul Gazi.

Almost for four months Duran was asking me to go fishing together but we couldn’t find a river to fish close to Istanbul (and we were lazy). Yesterday we finally had the chance for fishing but because of the dark and the cold weather all fishes were away.

It was a very lovely weekend to be here and as they say in Eskisehir: “there is life in the streets”.

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