Working in a beautiful city: Sehr-i Ask

After trip to Eskisehir on january for the Cankat’s birthday, Eskisehir was on my trip list to visit. October started with the motto i can go anywhere and my first stop was Bodrum. It was really nice to be there but, when you have a colleague with 1,85 cm height and 85 kg weight, after spending time in different cities you can’t find any more excuses to visit him :)

Eskisehir (aka Sehr-i Ask), is known to be as student’s city because of the two universities (Anadolu and Osmangazi). The population is young and the places are all designed for those people. So it was really easy for me to adapt :P This post is for the travelers who want to visit city on a weekend and what to do:

You can use the boat (it ships every 45 minutes on sunny weekends) from Koprubasi and during the trip to Kentpark on Porsuk river you will see really lovely statues designed by the academy of fine arts students. The river coasts area all green and young lovers are sitting, drinking, singing (and most of them were updating their twitter / facebook statuses). In Kentpark, i know it’s hard to believe but there is a beach (without sea) and a really big swimming pool. So the people in city can sunbath and swim on summer. If you love walking you can take a good walk to Love island and see the metal plates nailed on wooden sticks belong to celebrities. There are great places on your way to stop by a coffee and grilled ice cream. (Rosa Luna Cafe & Bistro was the place Cankat took us). While you were on the Kentpark and in love island, it’s probably you will see at least a couple people taking wedding photos and family members waiting for them. I believe the name “Sehr-i Ask” (Something like love city) comes from these people.

On the Porsuk river there are gondolas that you can take a romantic trip. (A small trivia info: Eskisehir is the only city in the world without sea but has a shipyard). Congrats to mayor!

For now, that’s all from eGOA. Our adventure is just started here and will be updating from the best pubs and night life from the city.

Till then, you can enjoy the gallery here.

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